How to get Govt Job in Pakistan | 5 Best Ideas to get quick Job

How to get Govt Job in Pakistan | 5 Best Ideas to get quick Job

Are you interested and looking for Govt job, as you all know in Pakistan, un-employment rate is increasing day by day, getting a Govt job is little bit hard. If you want to know how to get Government Job read this article complete.

Today in this article, I will completely guide you about how to get Govt job in Pakistan.

Most of peoples don't have high skills & education, some of them just got Matriculation and searching for job with big salary, So, it is not good for that type of peoples, but it is also correct that some one have high qualification and skills but they are also jobless.

Here is this article we will not suggest you any job or not offering any job, we just coverage which skills are best, from where you can get quick Govt Job.

Try to focus on your skills, if you have a good skills you can easily find a best job for you, and also if you have best skills, you can make money from your home, by work online.

You Know, there are fifty percent of peoples in Pakistan are available and they are working online, and they never suggest and apply for Govt job, just because they are making money.

So, we hope you will get benefit from our ideas.

5 Best Ideas to Get Quick Job in Pakistan

01 English Typing & Shorthand

The First Way of getting job is English Typing and Shorthand it is one of the best and well known short courses in Pakistan. If you prepare for English Shorthand & Typing and get certificate, you could be selected as an Assistant Private Secretary (APS) BPS-16, Stenographer BPS-15 and Stenotypist BPS-14 in any department of Pakistan government so join any English Shorthand & Typing Center and get ready for mentioned posts. If you once get Shorthand and Typing Certificate not only you can apply for federal jobs but you can also apply for provincial departments like court, police and ministries.

Join Only Typing Center

Second Way is Join Typing Center in your area if join and get ready for typing tests. If you once prepare for test and get certificate you can be selected as LDC, UDC and other equivalent posts so simply find center and start getting ready for typing tests. Simply apply for posts whenever any government department announce vacancies with requirements.

Set a Target Post

Third way is to set your target post on which you want to be selected and start preparing for that post. If you select one goal you can focus on it and chances will be increased of selection.

Prepare for Federal Public Service Commission Tests

Fourth Way: Prepare for Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) posts. Apart from conducting Central Superior Service (CSS) examine Federal Public Service Commission conduct tests for various posts like Assistant Private Secretary, Assistant Director, Director, IT Manager and other more posts. The Federal Public Service Commission issues a monthly consolidate advertisement in which they announce a lot other posts. So prepare FPSC tests and get job in grade 16 and above.

Remain Updated Regarding Advertisement

If you want to get Govt job first is to remain updated regarding announcement of these jobs for that you can visit up on daily basis, you can join job update Facebook groups, you can subscribe job updating youtube channels. Further for remaining updated regarding announcement of jobs you can visit testing services like National Testing Services (NTS), Pakistan Testing Services (PTS) and Open Testing Services (OTS). Moreover, for any question, how to apply for any job, and if you want to get message for any job announcement you can contact us by leaving comment.

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