How to Earn Money on Facebook | Quick Ways to make money on Facebook

How to make money on Facebook | How to earn online:

If you still use Facebook every day instead of doing business with Facebook to make money, then you are losing a lot! In fact, you can make money while sliding your Facebook page! Although I say that the first thing I do every day is to scan Facebook, I am also collecting information and inspiration while I am skiing, to see what advertisements Facebook is advertising, what products my friends are promoting, and how Facebook makes money in the market. After reading the methods of making money with Facebook collected by the editor below, choose a method to start your online business of making money and do business with Facebook!

How to make Money on Facebook

1.     Use your Facebook to sell products, services, and purchasing

1.     Believe that you must already know this method of making money, right? To make a long story short, my Facebook friends use their own testimony to introduce beauty products, sell underwear, sell health products, sell insurance, sell food, and provide purchasing services. Of course, Amway,, and Be International also make money while making money. A healthier company. (Sell a pair of super expensive and super magical electronic light pants to make a lot of money!). My sister also uses her Facebook page to sell bread and cakes (save advertising fees!). My friend also provides web design services on her Facebook page.

1.     1.1 So how do you start a business on Facebook? Where can I find the supply?

  • Join the direct selling company you are interested in (but if you are at a lower downline, I advise you to think twice…), and then start bombarding your circle of friends.
  • Find the manufacturer/supplier of the product you are using, ask if they can provide you with the source of goods, and discuss cooperation plans.
  • Join the buying and selling group, find the product you want to sell, contact the seller privately, and ask the seller if they can give you a discount, and then you can resell it to make money.
  • Use your contacts to find business opportunities: If your family and friends live abroad, you can learn how to make money by purchasing agents, and use Facebook as a purchasing agent service.

1. 2 Benefits of making money with your own account
Benefits: Your friends already know you, they can come to you if they are interested in the product, and you don't need to find strangers to promote the products you sell. Start selling products from your circle of friends, allowing you to collect sales experience, and friends (comparison) will not embarrass you (hopefully), and it will be easier for you to start.

2.     Open a Facebook Page that belongs to you to make money

2.     I believe you also have a lot of Like Facebook Pages, right? Have you discovered how they make money? They can sell products, share funny or scrap pictures, share recipes, share professional knowledge, share parenting experience, share fitness exercises, unpack products, and so on. In addition to making money from selling products, how can I make money from shared articles? It is through your own experience, knowledge, and services, plus your affiliate links (Affiliate Links) to make money. Let me demonstrate the solution for you with examples!

1.     Share professional knowledge to those in need, introduce related products and services to make money

1.     Facebook page for sharing professional knowledge and making money

1.     Let me start with the seriousness. Do you know the Facebook Page of Wang Hongzhe's Parenting and Parenting Book? He shared parenting knowledge, introduced the books he wrote, introduced his parents to his website to buy toys to help their children develop, and introduced the services he provides, which are all channels for making money. And he has a live broadcast every week, and many parents watch it online, interact with each other, and build trust.

The sharing of expertise can also be:
Investment and financial management, physical therapists, fitness coaches, nutritionists, beauty makeup artists, psychologists, etc. When you are a professional, or have actual combat experience in a field, you are persuasive, making it easier for everyone to trust you, and will buy the products you introduced (maybe you don’t have your own products, but you can join you The introduced product alliance links can make money!)

Disadvantage: If your Facebook friends do not continue to increase, then your market will be saturated in a short time. Think about it: a set of skin care products, a set of underwear, and a bottle of health care products. It takes 3-6 months for your customers to repurchase. So if the team you join needs to restock regularly, I suggest you think twice!

1.3 My experience of buying and selling on Facebook

I used to buy Attipas toddler shoes. Their condition is that they must buy 20 pairs of shoes every three months. I can't sell 5 pairs in a month. Their conditions are too difficult for me. So remember to understand the company's conditions before choosing products to sell!

2.1 Facebook Page example of making money

The content he shared really helped many parents who don’t know how to teach their children.

Example: If you are a fitness instructor, you can share your fitness methods, teach them how to exercise correctly, and also teach classes, and then introduce fitness equipment or fitness clothing you can make money by these methods.

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